Using Cortisol & Adrenaline to Boost Our Energy & Immune System

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In this episode, Dr. Huberman describes the biology of two essential hormones we all make: cortisol and adrenaline (also called epinephrine). Cortisol and adrenaline powerfully regulate our levels of energy, focus and immune system function. He describes various science-supported tools and practices to increase or decrease cortisol and/or adrenaline, depending on one’s specific needs and goals. Dr. Huberman also describes the biology of nootropics and how cortisol and adrenaline can improve or degrade learning. Finally, he reviews the scientific data and tools for timing the release of these hormones to improve memory, energy and immune system function.



00:00:00 Introduction

00:05:41 Energy & Your Immune System, & Learning Faster

00:08:34 Why & How Intermittent Fasting Increases Growth Hormone

00:11:56 Why Your Stomach Growls

00:13:09 Hot Baths & Hormones

00:14:35 Energy, Adrenaline (Epinephrine), & Cortisol

00:15:48 Cortisol & Cholesterol, Competition With Testosterone & Estrogen

00:17:54 Adrenaline (Epinephrine) Is Your (Immune Systems) Best Friend

00:18:48 Cortisol Basics In Two (Actually 1) Minute/s

00:19:48 Adrenaline Basics In Two Minutes

00:21:32 Tool: Time Your Cortisol Peak To Waking Using Specific Light Intensities

00:27:20 Brief Increases In Cortisol & Adrenaline Boost Energy, Focus & Immunity

00:30:04 Ways To Increase Adrenaline, Epinephrine & Cortisol & Why That Is Good

00:35:00 Does Mindset During Stress Matter?

00:36:15 Protocols: Adrenaline Breathing Described

00:39:00 Practices To Increase Energy Without Increasing Stress

00:45:00 Using Stressors to ENHANCE Our Immune System: Science & Tools

00:55:11 Timing Thyroid Release For Energy

00:57:02 Adrenaline/Stress Increase Performance & Memory. IF They Are After Learning

01:02:45 An Optimal Learning Protocol

01:03:20 Coffee Changes Your Brain & Increases Connectivity Of “Anxiety Circuits”

01:05:43 Nootropics: Two Kinds, & How & Why They Work, “Neural Energy”

01:09:00 Biology of Comfort Foods: From Negative to Positive Feedback Loops

01:14:00 Bombesin: Energy Without Eating

01:15:00 How Stress Makes Our Hair Gray, & How To Prevent Stress-Induced-Graying

01:18:05 Blunting Chronic Cortisol, Including: Ashwagandha & Science Of

01:25:50 Licorice Increases Cortisol & Blood Pressure, & Reduces Testosterone (by Glycyrrhizin)

01:28:50 Apigenin: Anti-Cortisol

01:29:53 Protocols For Optimizing Energy & Immune System Function (& Learning)

01:37:00 When Fasting, Exercise, Cold & Intense Breathing Become Detrimental

01:39:00 Prescription Compounds

01:39:47 Tools For Accessing Alert & Calm States of “Energy”: Separating The Brain & Body

01:42:11 Ways To Apply Knowledge Presented Today

01:43:20 No-Cost Ways To Support Us, Feedback, Sponsors, Patreon, Partners, “Office Hours”