Dr. Karl Deisseroth: Understanding & Healing the Mind

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Dr. Karl Deisseroth, MD, PhD, is a clinical psychiatrist and scientist who directs a bioengineering research laboratory at Stanford University School of Medicine. His work aims to understand and develop treatments for disorders of the mind such as depression, attention deficit disorders (ADHD and ADD), autism, schizophrenia, anxiety, eating disorders, borderline personality and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). We discuss his experience treating his patients and his laboratory’s mission to find and develop cures for mental disease and tools for probing how the brain works.

His new book, Projections: A Story of Human Emotions, is out now.

He tweets at @KarlDeisseroth.


00:00:00 Introduction

00:07:41 Using Language to Understand the Mind

00:12:19 Blood Tests For Mental Disease

00:13:38 The Largest Challenges Facing Treatment of Mental Health

00:20:21 Predicting Depression & Suicide

00:22:47 Drugs That Work for Brain Illness

00:27:01 What Would A Cure For the Broken Mind Look Like?

00:32:23 Channelopsins: Tools For Understanding & Treating the Mind

00:39:10 Curing Blindness with Channelopsins

00:41:58 Why Karl Became a Scientist

00:47:10 Vagus Nerve In Depression

00:54:12 Challenges To Overcome for Treating Mental Illness with Channelopsins

00:58:34 Using the Dialogue with Patients to Guide Treatment

01:00:52 How Our Eyes Reveal Our Mental Health

01:06:04 Controlling Structures Deep In the Brain

01:08:23 The Most Effective Drugs Often Have the Most Side Effects

01:09:50 Do Psychiatrists Take the Drugs They Prescribe?

01:14:15 Moving From Experimental Tools To Novel Treaments

01:16:00 Brain-Machine Interfaces & Neuralink

01:19:30 ADHD & Dr. Deissroth’s Approach To Focusing His Mind

01:26:36 How Dr. Deisseroth Balances A Career In Medicine, Science & Family

01:35:41 New Ways of Exploring Brains: CLARITY

01:38:49 What Is Special About the Human Brain?

01:46:03 Psychedelics

01:54:12 MDMA

01:57:15 Dr. Deisseroth’s New Book “Projections: A Story of Emotions”

01:59:42 Connecting with Dr. Deisseroth on Twitter