How Our Hormones Control Our Hunger, Eating & Satiety

Huberman Lab Podcast Episode 16 Title Card

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This episode, Dr. Huberman discusses how hormones from our gut, liver, pancreas and brain control our appetite—and the specific tools we can use to adjust those hormones in order to achieve specific goals. He explains the brain areas that control our desire to eat and our desire to stop eating. He discusses a hormone we all can make that is regulated by UV rays from sunlight that reduce our appetite. He also explains that when we eat controls our appetite and not the other way around (and how to leverage that fact). He describes how we are basically always eating until we reach a threshold level of fatty acids and amino acids in our gut and the factors that can alter that signaling and make us eat far more than we need. Dr. Huberman also explains how insulin, glucose and glucagon work, why cholesterol is so key for ovary, adrenal, liver and testes function and how the ketogenic diet impacts glucose and thyroid levels. As always, he describes many tools: specific supplements, prescription compounds, specific types (and timing) of exercise to regulate hormones, specific timing and types of eating, ways to reduce sugar cravings by triggering the release of the hormone cholecystokinin (CCK), and more.