Dr. Wendy Suzuki: Boost Attention & Memory with Science-Based Tools

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My guest is Dr. Wendy Suzuki, Ph.D., Professor of Neural Science and Psychology and (soon) Dean of New York University, whose research focuses on memory, attention, brain plasticity and simple, daily habits that can be leveraged to improve learning, focus, memory and cognitive ability. We discuss the role of cardiovascular exercise, weight training, deliberate cold exposure, meditation, verbal affirmations, sleep, and other behavioral practices for enhancing learning, mood and stress management, and increasing attention span. Dr. Suzuki shares the mechanisms by which these practices change our brain in order to improve cognitive function fast and reduce age-related cognitive decline.




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  • 00:00:00 Dr. Wendy Suzuki, Learning & Memory
  • 00:02:50 AG1 (Athletic Greens), InsideTracker, Blinkist
  • 00:07:27 How Memories Form
  • 00:10:14 Hippocampus: Memory, Association & Imagination
  • 00:16:20 Encoding Long-Term Memory
  • 00:18:48 One-Trial Memory
  • 00:21:56 Tool: Foundational Habits to Enhance Brain Performance
  • 00:30:39 Exercise & Improved Memory, Making a “Big, Fat, Fluffy Hippocampus”
  • 00:39:35 Cardiovascular Exercise, BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor)
  • 00:48:48 Neurogenesis (New Neuron Production) in Adults
  • 00:51:50 Effects of Exercise on Memory
  • 00:56:31 Tool: Timing Daily Exercise, Cortisol
  • 01:00:02 Age-Related Memory Loss, Daily Exercise
  • 01:05:33 Tool: Exercise Protocol for Improving Cognition
  • 01:12:17 Anticipating Exercise, Daily Habits & Behaviors
  • 01:17:09 “Every Drop of Sweat Counts” – Exercise & Cognitive Function
  • 01:20:58 Positive Affirmations & Mood
  • 01:27:28 Meditation & Cognitive Performance
  • 01:32:27 How Meditation Works, Focusing on the Present
  • 01:37:14 Tool: Strategies to Increase Attention
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