Dr. David Sinclair: The Biology of Slowing & Reversing Aging

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In this episode, Dr. Huberman is joined by Dr. David Sinclair, tenured Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and an expert researcher in the field of longevity. Dr. Sinclair is also the author of the book Lifespan: Why We Age & Why We Don’t Have To, and the host of the Lifespan Podcast, which launches January 5, 2022.

In this interview, Dr. Huberman and Dr. Sinclair discuss the cellular and molecular mechanisms of aging and what we all can do to slow or reverse the aging process. They discuss fasting and supplementation with resveratrol, NAD, metformin, and NMN. They also discuss the use of caffeine, exercise, cold exposure, and why excessive iron load is bad for us. Dr. Huberman and Dr. Sinclair discuss food choices for offsetting aging and promoting autophagy (clearance of dead cells). And they discuss the key blood markers everyone should monitor to determine their biological versus chronological age. They also discuss the future of longevity research and technology. This episode includes lots of basic science and specific, actionable protocols, right down to the details of what to do and when. By the end, you will have in-depth knowledge of the biology of aging and how to offset it.


  • 00:00:00 Dr. David Sinclair, Harvard Medical School
  • 00:03:30 ROKA, InsideTracker, Magic Spoon
  • 00:07:45 “Aging as a Disease” vs. Longevity & Anti-Aging
  • 00:10:23 What Causes Aging? The Epigenome
  • 00:15:53 Cosmetic Aging
  • 00:17:15 Development Never Stops, Horvath Clock
  • 00:20:12 Puberty Rate as a Determinant of Aging Rate
  • 00:23:00 Fasting, Hunger & Food Choices
  • 00:32:44 Fasting Schedules, Long Fasts, (Macro)Autophagy
  • 00:34:50 Caffeine, Electrolytes
  • 00:35:56 Blood Glucose & the Sirtuins; mTOR
  • 00:37:55 Amino Acids: Leucine, “Pulsing”
  • 00:44:35 Metformin, Berberine
  • 00:50:29 Resveratrol, Wine
  • 00:53:20 What Breaks a Fast?
  • 00:56:45 Resveratrol, NAD, NMN, NR; Dosage, Timing
  • 01:09:10 Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad for Us?
  • 01:12:04 Iron Load & Aging
  • 01:15:05 Blood Work Analysis
  • 01:19:37 C-Reactive Protein, Cholesterol: Serum & Dietary
  • 01:26:02 Amino Acids, Plants, Antioxidants
  • 01:33:45 Behaviors That Extend Lifespan, Testosterone, Estrogen
  • 01:40:35 Neuroplasticity & Neural Repair
  • 01:46:19 Ice Baths, Cold Showers, “Metabolic Winter”
  • 01:48:07 Obesity & How It Accelerates Aging, GnRH
  • 01:52:10 Methylation, Methylene Blue, Cigarettes
  • 01:56:17 X-Rays
  • 01:59:00 Public Science Education, Personal Health
  • 02:05:40 The Sinclair Test You Can Take
  • 02:08:13 Zero-Cost Support & Resources, Sponsors, Patreon, Supplements, Instagram