Maximizing Productivity, Physical & Mental Health with Daily Tools

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In this episode, Dr. Huberman discusses science-supported tools for enhancing focus, learning, creativity, sleep, physical strength and endurance and brain and body health. He explains each protocol in detail, its rationale, and how the protocol can be adjusted depending on individual needs. Dr. Huberman set these tools in the context of a 24-hour day as a way of framing how one might incorporate these tools and protocols into their daily routine.


00:00:00 Introduction: Protocols for sleep, mood, focus, exercise creativity

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00:08:50 Protocol 1: Record Your Daily Waking Time & Temperature Minimum

00:12:07 Protocol 2: Self-Generate Forward Motion (Outdoors)

00:17:00 Protocol 3: View Natural Light For 10-30min Every Morning

00:22:43 What To Do If You Can’t View The Sun: Blue Light

00:26:50 Protocol 4: Hydrate Correctly

00:28:00 Protocol 5: Delay Caffeine 90-120m After Waking

00:30:48 Protocol 6: Fast (or Fat-Fast) Until Noon

00:32:30 What Actually Breaks A Fast & What Doesn’t?

00:34:30 Fat Loss & Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 (GLP1), Yerba Mate, Guayusa Tea

00:37:30 Protocol 7: Optimize Deep Work: Visual Elevation, Ultradian Cycles, White Noise

00:48:30 Optimal Time of Day To Do Hard Mental Work

00:52:07 Protocol 8: Optimal Exercise; 3:2 Ratio

01:03:54 Tools for Training & Mental Focus: Fasting, Salt, Stimulants, Alpha-GPC

01:10:00 Protocol 9: Eat For Brain Function & Mood

01:17:39 Protocol 10: Get Your Testosterone & Estrogen In An Ideal Range

01:24:00 Protocol 11: Reset the Mind & Body, Enhance Neuroplasticity,

01:31:15 Protocol 12: Hydrate Correctly, Nap Rules

01:33:29 Protocol 13: View Late Afternoon/Evening Light To Support Sleep & Dopamine

01:39:00 Protocol 14: Eat Dinner That Promotes Serotonin, Calm Sleep

01:44:27 Protocol 15: Optimize Falling & Staying Asleep; Tools & Supplements That Work

01:55:00 Protocol 16: Preventing Middle of the Night Waking

01:59:10 Protocol 17: Weekends, Recovering From A Poor Nights Sleep

02:05:20 Neural Network, Supplement Sources, Sponsors