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Molecular Fingerprinting of On–off Direction-selective Retinal Ganglion Cells Across Species and Relevance to Primate Visual Circuits

Sub-topographic Maps for Regionally Enhanced Analysis of Visual Space in the Mouse Retina


A Midline Thalamic Circuit Determines Reactions To Visual Threat


Strict Independence of Parallel and Poly-synaptic Axon-target Matching during Visual Reflex Circuit Assembly


Cortico-fugal Output From Visual Cortex Promotes Plasticity of Innate Motor Behaviour

Neural Activity Promotes Long-distance, Target-specific Regeneration of Adult Retinal Axons


Characteristic Patterns of Dendritic Remodeling In Early-Stage Glaucoma: Evidence From Genetically Identified Retinal Ganglion Cell Types

Contactin-4 Mediates Axon-target Specificity and Functional Development of the Accessory Optic System

Functional Assembly of Accessory Optic System Circuitry Critical for Compensatory Eye Movements

Cell Type–specific Manipulation With GFP-dependent Cre Recombinase


Dendritic and Axonal Targeting Patterns of a Genetically-specified Class of Retinal Ganglion Cells That Participate In Image-forming Circuits

Birthdate and Outgrowth Timing Predict Cellular Mechanisms of Axon Target Matching in the Developing Visual Pathway

A Dedicated Circuit Links Direction-selective Retinal Ganglion Cells To The Primary Visual Cortex


Genetic Dissection of Retinal Inputs to Brainstem Nuclei Controlling Image Stabilization


Cadherin-6 Mediates Axon-target Matching in a Non-image-forming Visual Circuit

The Down Syndrome Critical Region Regulates Retinogeniculate Refinement

Transgenic Mice Reveal Unexpected Diversity of On-off Direction-selective Retinal Ganglion Cell Subtypes and Brain Structures Involved in Motion Processing


Emergence of Lamina-specific Retinal Ganglion Cell Connectivity by Axon Arbor Retraction and Synapse Elimination


Genetic Identification of an On-off Direction- selective Retinal Ganglion Cell Subtype Reveals a Layer-Specific Subcortical Map of Posterior Motion


Architecture and Activity-mediated Refinement of Axonal Projections from a Mosaic of Genetically Identified Retinal Ganglion Cells


Ephrin-As Mediate Targeting of Eye-specific Projections to the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus


Eye-specific Retinogeniculate Segregation Independent of Normal Neuronal Activity


Decoupling Eye-specific Segregation from Lamination in the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus


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