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A Midline Thalamic Circuit Determines Reactions To Visual Threat


Strict Independence of Parallel and Poly-synaptic Axon-Target Matching during Visual Reflex Circuit Assembly


Cortico-fugal Output From Visual Cortex Promotes Plasticity of Innate Motor Behaviour

Neural Activity Promotes Long-distance, Target-specific Regeneration of Adult Retinal Axons


Characteristic Patterns of Dendritic Remodeling In Early-Stage Glaucoma: Evidence From Genetically Identified Retinal Ganglion Cell Types

Contactin-4 Mediates Axon-target Specificity and Functional Development of the Accessory Optic System

Functional Assembly of Accessory Optic System Circuitry Critical for Compensatory Eye Movements

Cell Type–specific Manipulation With GFP-dependent Cre Recombinase


Dendritic and Axonal Targeting Patterns of a Genetically-specified Class of Retinal Ganglion Cells That Participate In Image-forming Circuits

Birthdate and Outgrowth Timing Predict Cellular Mechanisms of Axon Target Matching in the Developing Visual Pathway

A Dedicated Circuit Links Direction-Selective Retinal Ganglion Cells To The Primary Visual Cortex


Genetic Dissection of Retinal Inputs to Brainstem Nuclei Controlling Image Stabilization


The Down Syndrome Critical Region Regulates Retinogeniculate Refinement

Transgenic Mice Reveal Unexpected Diversity of On-off Direction-selective Retinal Ganglion Cell Subtypes and Brain Structures Involved in Motion Processing


Emergence of Lamina-specific Retinal Ganglion Cell Connectivity by Axon Arbor Retraction and Synapse Elimination


Genetic Identification of an On-off Direction- selective Retinal Ganglion Cell Subtype Reveals a Layer-Specific Subcortical Map of Posterior Motion


Architecture and Activity-mediated Refinement of Axonal Projections from a Mosaic of Genetically Identified Retinal Ganglion Cells


Ephrin-As Mediate Targeting of Eye-specific Projections to the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus


Eye-specific Retinogeniculate Segregation Independent of Normal Neuronal Activity


Decoupling Eye-specific Segregation from Lamination in the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus