Current Team

My goal is to understand how the eye and brain allow us to see and respond to the world around us.


I also aim to understand how those circuits develop, and how to re-wire and repair them after injury or disease.


I have been working on the visual system for ~20 years. My goals for the next decade are i) to find a cure for glaucoma and ii) to develop protocols for reversing pathologic stress and trauma.


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Andrew D. Huberman, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator/Lab Head


My goal is to understand how the visual system wires up during development and how to “re-wire” connections accurately after injury.


More specifically, I am testing whether, after injury, specific gene therapy approaches can be used to re-establish eye-to-brain connections in a way that allows them to create accurate visual perceptions and behaviors.


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A primary goal of my research is to understand how the neural circuits forming parallel eye-to-brain pathways are established and maintained. Additionally, I want to develop strategies to counteract retinal ganglion cell degeneration induced by injury or disease.


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I am responsible for Lab Management and Operations. I am the contact for: Health and Safety, facilities, maintenance, space management and operations. I manage lab equipment, contracts, order and stock supplies and process and monitor financial transactions. I assist with organizing animal protocols, teaching materials, grant proposals, maintenance of the lab website and more.


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Gary Holl

Lab Operations Manager & Admin

Tania Seabrook, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Fellow

Nao Ishiko

Research Associate

My goal is to understand visual fear: where in the brain it occurs and where and how it becomes linked to pathological states such as PTSD and trauma.


I am doing this work in humans, using state-of-the-art brain imaging, measures of autonomic arousal and custom virtual reality platforms.


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My goal is to understand how the brain controls visually-evoked fear.


I am identifying the specific areas and circuits in the brain where fear resides and where fear responses can be modified.


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My goal is to understand the molecular and cellular signals that promote regeneration of visual circuits after injury. I aim to do so by: 1) understanding how developmental mechanisms, such as axon guidance, establish precise connections from the retina to the brain 2) study how their expression patterns change in adults and 3) develop tools to reactivate these cues after injury


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Lindsey Salay

Ph.D. Student

Supraja Varadarajan, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Fellow

Melis Yilmaz Balban, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Fellow

My goal is to understand the neural circuits for visually evoked empathy.


Currently I am focusing on where in the brain empathy stems from and how this trait is represented in the brain as an action-inducing neural circuit.


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My goal is to understand how visual information in the world around us is detected and processed on its way from the eye to the brain at the level of cells and neural circuits.


I use molecular and genetic tools to trace specific neural circuits throughout the visual system and then manipulate them to understand how they contribute to discrete computations performed by the brain.


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My goal is to sleep 9 hours a night and 8 hours a day, and in between eat steak, run and make sure everyone in the Huberman Lab remembers that bulldogs are the best breed. I was born in Wilmington (port of Los Angeles), raised in San Diego and Oakland. I am afraid of nothing, kind to everyone and my partner’s name is Rory (Sphynx cat).


My goal is to understand the development of visual pathways controlling specific light-driven behaviors, such as eye movements, circadian entrainment and the detection of object motion.


I am also developing molecular and genetic tools to probe the homology and evolution of visual circuits across organisms, including humans. In addition to shedding light on evolution, these tools may prove useful for treating visual dysfunctions and efforts to reverse blindness.


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Benjamin Stafford, Ph.D.

Project Scientist

Costello Huberman

Lab Mascot

Heekyung Jung, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Fellow

Onkar Dhande, Ph.D.

Research Scientist